New Diagnostics Modules on Tong HMI controls keeps downtime to a minimum

New Diagnostics Modules on Tong HMI controls keeps downtime to a minimum

In line with a continuous commitment to providing vegetable growers and processors with advanced grading and handling equipment that is designed to increase efficiency whilst minimising maintenance and downtime, Tong Engineering is offering a time-saving Diagnostics module as part of its latest pro-series Auto-Touch HMI touch screen control.

Available as an option on all its latest equipment, Tong’s pro-series controls can be specified as part of the Auto-Touch HMI control system, adding a level of control and system intelligence that brings users advanced system monitoring and reporting.

« The idea behind our latest Diagnostics module is to provide the user with continuous system monitoring and reporting, so they can see how their equipment or line is running at any given time, in real time. » explains Tony Smith, Technical Manager at Tong Engineering. « The Diagnostics module is a highly proactive system, that is designed to provide real-time notifications of the status of the line. This includes offering regular notifications of assurance when the line is running efficiently, as well as real-time alerts of any issues that potentially need checking or maintenance for optimal operation. This includes information on emergency stop alerts, motor and inverter loading statistics or areas such as whether a conveyor belt isn’t tracking efficiently. By being proactive, any issues can be rectified quickly to prevent further deterioration, meaning downtime and maintenance really is kept to a minimum, saving time, labour and ultimately costs. »

The intelligent Diagnostics module provides users with continuous status monitoring, so that it the event of an issue, the exact location is automatically pin-pointed, enabling quick and easy problem solving and resetting. Any such issues are displayed visually on the touch-screen, allowing users of any level to see exactly where the problem has occurred, for a quick resolution. This feature significantly reduces downtime, removing the guess-work on machine trips and fault-finding. It also means that in a majority of cases, such issues can be resolved without the requirement of an engineer.

Working alongside the Diagnostics module is a new Maintenance Schedule module, which allows the run-time of any machine component to be recorded in terms of running hours or calendar periods, indicating when any part may need to be maintained or changed, making any scheduled maintenance much more efficient. This new feature not only improves the efficiency of maintenance but also allows users to be more pro-active in their maintenance routines, minimising wear and repair costs whilst saving time.

« The continuous system monitoring that the Diagnostics and Maintenance modules offer, gives operators an exceptionally high level of intelligence about the status of their handling equipment at any given time, » added Edward Tong, Managing Director at Tong Engineering. « In addition, the latest safety technology that is also incorporated within these new modules enables safe running of parts of the line whilst others are under adjustment or maintenance. »

« Diagnosis and problem solving really is quicker and easier than ever before, meaning growers and processors can enjoy more continuous operation and increased productivity of their handling facilities when embracing the leading-edge technologies that are now available as an option on our latest equipment, » said Edward.

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