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Finance Solutions

The affordable way to upgrade your vegetable grading & handling systems with our range of finance solutions.

Working in partnership with global finance solutions provider De Lage Landen. Tong is proud to offer our valued customers a finance solution to facilitate the purchase of new and efficient handling equipment. Using a flexible repayment schedule.

Highly Competitive Finance

Tong’s finance programme is highly competitive and will help to make investment possible. Ideal for customers who need to upgrade their systems to meet market demands. But are not in a position to facilitate full payment in one single bulk sum. Our flexible scheme offers you the chance to invest in the latest technology and machinery. Without having to pay large upfront costs.

Over recent years growers and packers have experienced relatively tough industry conditions, yet the need to ensure equipment is updated to keep apace with market demands continues to increase. Tong Engineering has introduced a new flexible payment scheme to give customers the opportunity to invest in the latest and most efficient machinery, ultimately helping to increase the value of their crop during these challenging and competitive times.

Whilst traditional repayment schemes often use an intermediary broker agent who often takes a cut from the finance deal, making it more expensive to the end customer, Tong’s finance programme is offered direct with the finance provider, meaning extremely favourable repayment rates and schedules which can be specified depending on individual requirements.

Why Choose Finance?

  • Expert asset finance

    Working in partnership with global finance solutions provider founded in 1969

  • Cash flow management

    Allows you to keep funds in your business & gain tax advantages

  • Flexible finance

    Finance options for all assets ranging from single machines to complete lines

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All finance solutions provided by Tong are subject to acceptance and standard terms and conditions.

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